Barry Weir: He Will Understand Life

Barry Weir made a fortune in the mobile homes park business in the UK, and since retiring in 2007 has become an authority on England’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013, which went into effect in the Spring of 2014.

He characterizes himself as an agnostic on religious matters, but concedes that there are some things that have happened in his life that have made him stop to think. “As a young teenager I traveled to Cornwall with a friend on holiday,” he wrote in Driving Ambition, an account of his participation in an around-the-world road rally. “While there we met a group of teenagers renting a caravan. We all went back for coffee and something to eat. You never refuse a free meal!”

The teenagers decided to have a séance. Their Ouija board said it had a message for Barry – which was strange, because he hadn’t told anyone there his name. That message was, “In time, you will understand what life is about.”

Ten years later, Barry Weir attended another séance, and he received the exact same message. “Strange, but true,” he wrote.

Finally, in his late thirties, he went to a Spiritual Church out of curiosity. He sat listening to a medium but grew skeptical and decided to leave. But as he stood, the medium pointed to him and said, “I have a message for you. In time, you will understand what life is about.”

To be told this three times in his life in seemingly unrelated events was, he said, a bit dodgy. “I am the most unrelgious person that I have ever met,” he admitted. But those events, and that message, left him with a lot to think about.


Barry Weir: The Mobile Homes Act

Barry Weir is a retired English businessman who became wealthy in the mobile homes industry. Since his retirement he has become a leading authority on Britain’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013 and offers consulting advice on it.

The new law went into effect on April 1, 2014. Barry Weir says that most mobile home park site owners won’t be affected by the new law very much. That is because most park sites are operated by fair and professional business people.

The new Act provides authorities with enforcement power that will raise the standards in the industry. It makes sure that any demands for improvements by tenants are reasonable, and do not place any unfair burdens on site owners.

Barry Weir has been serving as a consultant on the new Mobile Homes Act, and reminds anyone who asks that it only applies to privately owned parks that are occupied by permanent residents. It does not apply to those parks designed for people who are on holiday.

“When I started in Mobile Homes in 1978, all my parks were put in a freehold holding company and leased to a trading company,” Barry Weir says. “Now leases are up, and local councils have to re-house residents as they are now technically homeless, through no fault of their own.” None of the residents in his mobile home parks, he says, were ever made homeless, because all of them were re-housed.

Barry Weir retired in the middle of 2007, and since then has been able to devote a lot more of his time to his great passion, sports cars.