Barry Weir’s Big Day in London

After completing an 80-day journey that took him across 22 countries spread out across four continents, Barry Weir had expected much more to be waiting for him in London. He and his partner had achieved the unknown and broken world records, however there were no reporters nor was there even a large celebration for what he saw as a tremendous feat. There were some other rewards, however, that outweighed any press attention.

The first reward was that he got to meet Ulrich Bez, the newly appointed CEO of Aston Martin. Bez expressed his interest in preserving Weir’s Aston Martin DB 2/4 MKI in the Heritage Museum at Gaydon. It was an honor for the longtime Aston Martin enthusiast, who also kept that connection as a means of securing himself some other future benefits.

Years later, Barry Weir got back in touch with the higher-ups at Aston Martin; but this time, he had plans for a whole new kind of venture. He wanted to customize a brand new, one of a kind Aston Martin for himself. It was a project that the team of engineers at Aston Martin embraced enthusiastically. The result was the Bertone Jet 2+2, a unique model that combined the innovation of two master auto companies as well as the vision of Mr. Weir. The model had four seats while boosting the same levels of performance that Aston Martin sports cars are known for. With a V12 engine that pumps out 470 horsepower, the Jet 2+2 can take the entire family for a very exciting drive.


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