Barry Weir Takes on Northern Africa and Southern Europe

Barry Weir’s trip around the globe had taken him from London to Istanbul, Istanbul to Beijing, Beijing to Anchorage, and Anchorage to New York. He had already covered tens of thousands of kilometers in his Aston Martin, but there was still one leg left to go. He flew out of JFK Airport one morning, and landed in Marrakech, Morocco, the starting place for the race back to London.

In the hot temperature and dry climate, it became clear that the Aston Martin was, too, on its last leg. The threat of an overheating engine loomed over them as they drove through the day. They pushed through, and were able to make it to Quarzazate in the blazing heat. They then drove to Erfoud and then from Erfoud to Tangier, all before making it to Murcia, Spain via ferry. In Spain, Barry Weir’s family had been awaiting his arrival, and surprised him with a visit for his birthday. It was a nice break; however they still had a race to finish. While they were both weary about the vehicle’s deteriorating performance, Barry and his co-captain drove to France the next day. They made it as far as Clermont-Ferrand, and then continued on to Laon the next day.

The very last stretch was from Laon, France to London, England- a mere 360 kilometers. What seemed like an easy stroll after everything else turned into quite a long trip due to getting lost on their very last day of driving. But they still managed to make it to London and break the world record for driving a classic car around the world in 80 days, a feat that came with a long, enriching story of travel and the open road.


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