Barry Weir’s Custom Aston Martin

Barry Weir has been a classic car aficionado for over twenty-four years. Within that time he has always familiarized himself with the Aston Martin brand, as he believes the craftsmanship, maneuverability and overall aesthetic appearance of Aston Martins to be the bar-raising example of high-performance sports cars.

He has embraced his enthusiasm for the auto maker through driving one of their classic models around the world, in a trip that spanned four continents and increased the amount of country stamps on his passport by 22.

As one could presume, his love for these vehicles only enhanced after they helped him earn the world record for fastest trip around the world in a historic vehicle, making the 34,500km drive in only 80 days. Upon returning home and finishing the race, he had leveraged his newfound notoriety with Aston Martin into having them customize his own personal model.

The result was the creation of the Aston Martin Bertone Jet 2+2, a unique model that had four seats while still maintaining the drive-ability of other Aston Martin performance models. It has a V12 engine that pumps out 470 horsepower, and can still cart around the family and dog for an afternoon outing. The custom Bertone one-off shooting brake proudly displays the maker’s logo and serves as a symbol to their meshing with the Aston Martin company. There was only one Bertone Jet 2+2 ever made, and Barry Weir is the proud owner of this stunning, unique vehicle that was made to accommodate his adventurous family’s lifestyle.


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