Barry Weir: Buying A Castle

Barry Weir got into the mobile home business in 1978 and spent nearly thirty years developing mobile home parks in the United Kingdom.

After ten years in the business, Barry Weir and his family were doing very well; so much so that flipping through the pages of a glossy magazine and coming across unique property listings ended up changing his life, and the lives of his family.

“It was a sixteenth century castle in an idyllic location on a promontory of Loch Fyne, close to Inverary,” Barry Weir recalls. “I immediately sent off for details.” It was Dunderave Castle, which some historians call one of the most perfect architectural creations in Scotland. He did not tell his wife Roma about what he had done.

But Barry Weir managed to get Roma up to see the site, on the pretext of it being a weekend getaway. The castle was not what he expected it to be. “It was in an appalling state and everything from plasterwork to plumbing was in need of repair,” he said later. “But we were both captivated.”

Barry Weir made an offer on the property and to his astonishment, it was accepted. He may have been even more astonished when Roma accepted this development with good humor. “We moved up to Scotland and settled the girls in local schools.”

Before long the Weirs realized they had way too much room, and so decided to create a private Hotel on the shores of Loch Fyne. One of the first guests was a film crew that included the actors Michael Caine, Roger Moore and Director Michael Winner. They were making a movie in the area and stayed at Dunderave for a week. “Even better, Dunderave got its fifteen minutes of fame, featuring in a Highland Games sequence in the film,” which was called Bullseye. Barry Weir even got a role as an extra in the movie, “but if you’d blinked, you’d have missed me.”


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