Barry Weir: An Updated Law

Barry Weir retired from the Mobile Homes business in 2007, but recent changes in the laws governing mobile home parks in the United Kingdom have kept him interested in matters relating to the industry, and have even turned him into a leading authority on the Mobile Homes Act of 2013.

The Mobile Homes Act of 2013 made many changes to the law on park homes, which had not been updated in many years. The new Act, which went into effect on April 1, 2014, represented an attempt by the government to give better rights and protections to mobile home park owners, while simultaneously making sure that honest professional site owners, like Barry Weir was prior to his retirement, are able to conduct their business profitably.

As a leading authority on the new Act, Barry Weir knows that parts of the new laws enable local authorities to monitor site license conditions more effectively. With the new Act, says Barry Weir, “when leases of mobile home parks come to an end, local councils ….have to rehouse residents, as they are now technically homeless through no fault of their own. None of my residents have ever been made homeless as they have all been rehoused.”

The Mobile Homes Act of 2013, says Barry Weir, provides new enforcement powers that will require poor conditions at park home sites to be improved. It also makes sure that any demands for improvements are reasonable and do not place an unreasonable or unfair burden on site owners.

Barry Weir has been serving as a consultant on the new law, and he reminds those who ask that it only applies to privately owned parks that are occupied ntsby permanent reside. It does apply not those parks designed for people on holiday.


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